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Friday, August 28, 2009

This tutorial is how to make a cutesy cupcake layout with doodles.

1. Open a new canvas around size 600 x 500. This is meant to be a corner layout. Copy and paste in this image and this image on separate layers. For the cupcake with the white background, erase the white either with the eraser tool or with the quick selection tool. Move the cupcake to the lower right corner of the other picture.

2. Click on the background layer and fill it in with #371b3d (dark purple). Use this brush set or similar to erase the edge of the first cupcake layer so it fades into the background. Adjust the other cupcake as needed.

3. On the first cupcake layer, go to Image- Adjustments- Color Balance and use the following settings:

Color Levels: -46, -47, +52

For the other layer (the single cupcake) use -46, -28, and +8. For this layer go to Filter- Sharpen- Sharpen and then duplicate the layer, and change the top one to Soft Light.

4. Click on the background layer and then paste in this texture so it's on top of the background but under everything else. Erase the edges with the coffee brushes and change the blending mode to screen.

Merge the three cupcake layers. Go to Image- Adjustments- Color Balance and change the Color Levels to -20, +1, +18.

5. Double click the cupcake layer to open the layer styles window and add the Violet, Green, and Orange gradient preset on Hard Light at 30%. Add a white outer glow on Soft Light at 60% opacity and a 30 px size. Make a new layer above everything else and use a white 3px brush to draw doodles and swirls all over, taking care not to cover the main cupcake (but you can outline it like I did).

6. Make a new layer and add white text in a cute font (I used Plus or Minus Nine, available on our font page). Tilt it with the free transform tool and add an outer glow in the same color as the background to make it pop. Last, on a new layer above the layer with the cupcakes, add a gradient of the background purple color and transparent, and drag it diagonally across the canvas. Set the blending mode to Linear Light and the opacity to 50%. Done!

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